Ashish Dubey

17 Works

Neither this nor that.
Matter, Anti-matter.
It is in this undefined space that we exist.  Hijacked by definitions we try and understand existence and its meaning.

The existential is perceived by illusion.
Each of us views images with a definition acquired by our memory.  Hence a narrative biases the viewer and a negative freezes an experience.  If, for some reason, we get rid of these two we can dwell in a realm that is beyond the mix of our experience through our five senses.

Rumi says:
“What veils you from me Is my memory of you”.

For survival, it is important that we use our intellect.  Viewing art can only begin when the knife of intellect, which bifurcates right and wrong, good and bad ceases to exist - we are ready for an experience.
The more conscious we become, the more beautiful the present becomes.

Photographs represent what they see and provide insights. They give us the privilege of access to a world that is otherwise “unseen”.  Space, in these sights, gives us the opportunity to explore these frames with our own definitions.

Then we can truly call them “ours”. When it is ours it is free from duality. A space where we are not distracted - we experience relaxation and ecstasy.
Art activity signifies an inner journey to gain a state of visionary experience. It is an exploration of the human spirit, a revealing process that leads to beauty, bliss and revelation.

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