Vikas Malhotra (1967) has been involved in the Art of Photography for nearly a decade, working independently and as a freelance photographer.

He is a Founder Member of PAAI (Photography Arts Association of India) and has shot for International Clients like Grand Hyatt Hotels, Asian Development Bank, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Microsoft Corporation & Stars Digital (UK), for whom he has photographed and where his pictures hang in these establishments. Domestically, he has shot for designers Ravi Bajaj, Alpana Gujral, Kamayani International, Rajender Kumar and Associates, Indian Army, Ambika Pillai, etc and been featured in prominent magazines like Inside Outside, Man’s World, Men’s Health, GR8, The Man and Dance of Life besides having numerous photos in select coffee table publications and in many photography exhibitions.

Photography is something that helps him release his creative urges and let forth the intense need to communicate what he thinks and feels, about what he sees. His select works are also part of private collections in India and abroad.  The camera, for him, is a sketch book to capture, visually, what his mind perceives at that specific instant; it is an instrument which helps him focus all his senses on that one particular moment in time, thereby preserving it for all eternity.

Exhibitions List:

•    2005/ Habitat Centre, New Delhi, ‘Saving the Ganges’
•    2007/ Wonderwall, Alliance Francaise, New Delhi, ‘Three Tier’
•    2007/ Mystic Strokes, Pune, 'Three Eyes'
•    2007/ Arushi Art Gallery, New Delhi, 'Harvest 2007'
•    2007/ Wonderwall, New Delhi, 'The Other Side'
•    2008/ Prakrit Art Gallery, Chennai, 'Click Shoot'
•    2008/ Arushi Art Gallery, Delhi, 'Harvest 2008'
•    2008/ Wonderwall, New Delhi, ‘Café Turtle’
•    2008/ Vadhera Art Show, New Delhi & London, ‘Click’
•    2008/ Wonderwall, Delhi, 'India Art Summit 2008'
•    2009/ Wonderwall, New Delhi, ‘em.body’
•    2009/ Indigo Blue Art, Singapore, ‘Nirvana’
•    2009/ Wonderwall, Delhi, 'India Art Summit 2009'
•    2009/ Wonderwall, Mumbai, 'Mumbai Art Expo 2009'
•    2009/ Wonderwall, Delhi, ‘Wide Angle 2009’
•    2010/ Galleria de Arte, Delhi, ‘Keeping up Appearances: A closer look at the Human Form’
•    2010/ Gallerie Nvya, New Delhi, ‘Freedom 2010’
•    2011/Wonderwall, New Delhi, ‘India Art Summit 2011’
•    2011/Wonderwall, New Delhi, ‘Memories of another day’